I noticed that you have left me a note. For some reason, I have not been able to access "my notes" on Medium. So if it was anything important, put it on this discussion thread.

Your "neighborhood-is-not-a-community" comment is well taken. I have lived in both extremes of neighbors not knowing each other and neighbors banding together to form a great social group. The latter is definitely better.

I believe the TDG will be a catalyst for many neighborhoods to come together. Neighbors don't have to live in each other's pockets, but there should be a lot more social banter on the streets for this TDG to work. In time, the neighborhood will be a bit of a support network.

Here's another angle. While some neighborhoods will be echo chambers, others will have differentiating perspectives. We need to learn how to listen and give respect. Such neighborhoods will be great training grounds for many citizens on how to get along.

And it only takes about four neighbors to start up a local TDG. Once that is established, reach out to the neighbors to participate. Some will take the invitation. Others will not.

WHen developing the TDG in my mind (circa 1992), I also thought about different kinds of ommunities than neighborhoods. For example, nurses may want to create their own TDG, with nurses all over the city joining. I saw a big administrative nightmare with this organation. Plus I also saw these TDGs becoming lobby groups for their members, rather than looking at the bigger picture of actually finding a good balance in society. The geographical divisions will lead to a better balance--and create better communities where there should be communities.

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