SC: I have no doubt that there is not enough understanding of how democracy works or should work. I have run across too many examples of people who have never spent time in government or in politics who somehow believe governing is easy. The experts are not just the Ph.D.s, but also the complainers in coffee shops. The latter do not want to learn any more than what little they currently have.

A few months ago in Medium, I came across "the dunning kreuger effect", which is a psychological theory. There is far too much of this in my life.

If we collectively learned more about democracy, would we be better voters? Probably. But there is a limit.

Voters know so little about the people who are proffered by the political parties to be their candidates. We just cannot make a good voting decision.

i have served on a few boards over the years. It takes me about six meetings to learn if other board members are really interested in what I have to say--or whether they are just being polite while they scheme to enact their agenda.

If it takes this amount of time of face-to-face meetings to learn this, what are the chances I will be smart with my vote when I know the propoganda from the party or the enemies of the candidate(s)? We voters just don't know enough to determine the better people for governance.

It was this line of thought that eventually led to the TDG. Throughout the TDG, voters have more opportunity to get to know the prospective people a lot better than western demacracy. There is no hiding behind party banners in the TDG.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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