Sigh. Another Medium article about how abolishing or reformed the Electoral College will fix America. This is all smokescreen for what really ails this country.

The founding fathers designed the electoral college in light of a non-partisan political structure. Ever since the political parties came into being in USA, the original intent of the college has been lost. USA is hanging on to a structure based on a lost yet innovative democratic concept that has been morphed to the needs of the political elite.

It is my understanding that the states can reform how their electors are elected at any time. As this article has pointed out, Maine and Nebraska have different rules than the rest of the country. It is entirely possible that the other 48 states could do the same. If they do, the EC will, in my opinion, be more democratic. But it will not resolve the issues around polarization. THere will still be Republicans and Democrats hating each other.

The EC will never vault an unpopular candidate over a popular candidate. In 2016, Mr. Trump got 62m votes to Ms. Clinton’s 65m votes. If this were the score of a high school basketball game, we would say that both sides were evenly matched. And we could even ague that one side lost the game on a couple of bad referee calls. But it would still be a close game with evenly match teams.

If the popular vote went 67m to Clinton and 60m to Trump, there is no way the EC would have given the victory to Mr. Trump.

Stop this foolish discussion. It is time to consider real change to USA’s system of governance.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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