Instead an average Medium writer complaining about the misdeeds in high office, we have a well known writer from a respected media outlet writing about misdeeds in high office.

Hear me out: "It's not Mr. Trump's fault! He is only responding in ways the system also him to respond."

For example, this article suggests a political party should be a brake on a popular leader. But if that leader has proven to win elections, that brake will not work. Political parties are about winning elections, not bettering society.

Rather than criticize Mr. Trump, we need to start criticizing the system that gave him high office. In the ideal world of many of this article's readers, someone like Mr. Trump should have never been a viable contender for the job. Yet he was.

I'm pretty sure someone from The Atlantic is reading these comments. Please go to Tiered Democratic Governance. There USA will find a solution many Americans are yearning for in their elected political leaders.

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