Strange article, indeed. Everything flowed quite nicely until the last paragraph. Then we got into a big platitude about "democracy"---as if all readers have a common understanding of what that term really means.

Sorry, democracy did not somehow come back on November 3. This was not a decisive election against a political leader who eschews democratic principles. If a high school basketball game had a final score of 80 to 74, could we really say the "80" was a vastly superior team than the "74"? Not really. It was a close game--and either team could have won. There really should be no dancing in the street.

I have recently finished "Political Order and Political Decay" by Francis Fukuyama. Dr. Fukuyama spends about 20 pages explaining what is wrong with American democracy today. And I had to agree with most of his points. We need to do somehow do something with those points, not give more platitudes of democracy.

One point he did make is the paradox of the Republican Party. Political parties tend to reward the demographics that put them into office. Yet this party has somehow managed to keep its loyal followers without really doing much for them. And this has been happening before Mr. Trump came along. The Republicans are a paradox in western democracies--and are maybe a good sign of the decay that is happening before our eyes.

And yet we still claim a score of 80 to 74 as a decisive victory.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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