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The Annual Elections

The TDG uses annual elections. The reason for the shorter term of the TDG is that if an elected official, at any tier, is no longer serving his or her position well (for example, health reasons or corrupt activities), that person can be replaced within one year. There is no need for any kind of political subterfuge or an impeachment process or allowing ineffective representation to carry through for several years. The person is replaced rather efficiently and without much fanfare. The TDG more or less continues with normal operations knowing the ineffective representative won’t be around much longer.

The Indirect Elections

In a TDG, most citizens will vote only for their neighborhood representative. They will not vote for people at the higher tiers. This feature ensures a better judgement for advancement within the TDG. By serving together, the elected representatives are in a much better position than the general citizenry to observe the qualities that merit advancement in the TDG. They will have first-hand experience with the words, actions, people skills, intellect, wisdom, energy, and commitment of the people serving in the same tier. In essence, any tier is actually a very good proving ground of whom, from within the tier, should be promoted to the next highest level.

More Citizen Involvement

In that 100,000-person city I presented earlier as an example of a TDG, about 630 citizens would hold an official elected position. In contrast, a similar city in Canada (with its western democratic structure) would have less than 20 representatives at the municipal, provincial, and national levels.

An Advisory Board

The TDG should appoint advisors to itself. These advisors should have considerable experience working in the TDG. When appointed, however, they cannot serve simultaneously as a representative anywhere in the TDG or be a direct part of the decision-making process.

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