Thank you for compiling all this Covid knowledge. I especially appreciate the part about the T-Cells, which the mass media can't seem to relate to (because that would be too technical for the mass audience).

I've always thought that the underlying force of our collective response was the number of available ICU hospital beds. The doctors don't want to be overwhelmed--and that is what has been setting the lockdown policy.

The fact that we can correlate waves with lockdowns and other measures shows that these interventions do work. But whether the societal price paid for these interventions is worth it, that is for another dicsussion.

The effectiveness of masks is, to me, a moot point. Whether the mask is reduces the spray by 80% or by 20%, there still is less Covid in air. The mask is only a minor inconvenience. Wear it in a public setting. If nothing else, it shows one cares about the health of strangers. That should be a unifying force.

Hopefully, this article does turn attention to importance of being in well ventilated spaces, and minimizing time in public gatherings. This indeed is perhaps the best tool.

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