Thank you for kind response. I was firstly impressed that someone else referred you to my work. From my end of 23 years in this "business", no one has done that (to my knowledge). I don't even tell my friends, family, and acquaintances that I am still working on this project lest they still think I'm a quack.

I was in Slovakia in 1990 and saw a very interesting economy. And yes, many people were shaken up as state-owned enterprises were forced to shut down. But Slovakia has made some great changes since 1989.

There is so much history--even before the communists--in the soviet realm that is hard to shake. Like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, adhering to the "known ways" is still preferable to any "new ways." There is a lot of instinct involved here.

I think we need to move past this capitalist / socialist divide of thinking. My current political philosophy is:

1) there are situations where governments should let people make their own decisions and let them experience the consequences.

2) There are situations where governments need to take collective action to make a better society.

3) The balance between 1 and 2 shall be decided by due democratic process.

4) After a decision is made, it must be monitored. If changes are needed, effect those changes, If the decision needs to be scrapped, scrap it.

In this way, the better elements of capitalism and socialism will come forth.

If your friend has not told you of the link to the TDG, here it is:

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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