Thank you for this article. I was never a Prince fan and I can’t even say that I know of any Prince songs by lyric or melody. I failed to understand why he was as popular as he was in pop culture. He was a mystery to me for sure. Your article helped shed some light on this icon.

I liked the part about his dealings with Warner. I think his struggle was typical between many musicians and the studios in they both needed each other to get what they wanted. But the studios had the upper hand in that there were more artists that wanted to be famous and rich than there were studios to record and market the artists. It was an imbalance for sure, but understandable.

From your article, it seems Prince was one of the first artists to utilize the new technology to take power away from the studios. With that, I can empathize: the technology is now out there for me to introduce my concept on governance to the world. But 30 years ago, I could not have gone anywhere without a publisher. Times have changed indeed. But it seems Prince was never forgiving of the previous times.

I saw Prince’s conversion to the JWs as something odd. How does a sexualized pop artist fit into such an insular group? I was not aware that he changed the tone of his music to be more in line with JW theology. I just thought he continued with the same music, and the JWs condoned it knowing that it would get 10% of his royalties, which can be substantial for a fading pop star. For sure, the JWs would disown any other member who had such an “on-the-road-again” lifestyle and associating with the heathen more than necessary.

And this is where your article had me somewhat lost. There were paragraphs I could not tell where you were talking about the pre-JW Prince and the post-JW Prince. I think a few headings and other structural changes would help this reader to compare the two Princes.

And I thought the article was quite repetitive. I think the word count could be cut in half and tell the same story.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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