Thank you for your encouragement.

I suspect there are typos. It was a lengthy article, and I can’t justify a proof reader to go over articles few people are going to read. I wasn’t in a position to do the read-aloud thing, which catches many typos. You seem to be the forgiving type.

I put the TDG project on the shelf last February. But I found Medium in April and decided to give this social media a try. There was definitely a higher quality of both writers and readers than in other internet forums I have participated in. But, for whatever reason, the Medium algorithms don’t place me very high. I was (and still am) not getting much traction on Medium. So I was going to put the TDG on the shelf last June.

But last November, a fellow from a G+ group recommended that I write a piece of fiction based on how the TDG works. At first I didn’t like this idea because I had never written fiction before and I don’t see this path in my life plans. But after a few months of thinking and percolating, the TDG characters and plot came to me. And with a little help with an experienced amateur novelist, I started writing in July. The story came out surprisingly fast. It is more educational than a piece of great literature, but it serves the purpose of explaining the TDG in a different and more entertaining way.

I’ll be reworking my website in January. The TDG and “Diary of a Future Politician” will still be available for free. I’ll be posting chapters of the new book on Medium; I have almost 200 Medium followers. Plus there will be a few other internet marketing schemes after the second book. If no traction after that, the TDG will go on the shelf for a few years.

While I am frustrated with Medium, other internet forums have — although yielding a more vibrant response for my articles — also yielded intangible results. In the past two years, I think I convinced six people to read my book. The general consensus is that they believe humanity is incapable of rising to the TDG challenge.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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