Thank you Nicholas. I’m going to turn that response into a real Medium article soon. I’m so amazed at how many thoughtful Medium contributors cannot understand the true nature of the 2016 election. I have made these points more than a few times since April, and you are the first one to acknowledge that my perspectives have some validity.

And this kind of brings me to another point. Somehow we Medium contributors believe we are being influential with our articles and responses. So we write and write and write, something believe we are changing the world. Yet my experience in trying to tell this group that Mr. Trump was a viable contender in the 2016 — without the EC and the Russians — suggests that my influence is next to zero.

And when my ulterior motive for being here is my alternative system of democratic governance — and I have not got one person interested in this concept, this too suggests that my influence is next to zero.

Most political writers here are in an echo chamber. If they are trying to change the world, they are wasting their time. They have no influence!

I used to be an active political party member. These days I am on the sidelines, being amazed at how well western democracy works. Everyone has a different reason for casting a ballot, and we should not disparage those reasons. Those who do not cast ballots also have an important role. In the end, the collective decision seems to play out OK most of the time.

Mr. Trump is going through an impeachment process not because he is hated (Obama was hated too), but because he has a style of political leadership that is not going to work in the long term. The impeachment process is actually doing the job it is supposed to do: quell that kind of leadership. Even if it fails, it will succeed. I can see USA going through the impeachment process two more times if he is elected in 2020.

As for socialism, I would say that I probably belong in that camp more than the capitalist camp. I’m from Canada, and I would not want to be in American health care system with my lower middle class income. I think USA needs to go in same direction other western countries, thereby putting a large part of the economy under the socialist domain. Recognizing that I have little influence on you this regard and vice versa, I shall stop talking. We vote, the collective voice — divisive as it may be — still tells our political leaders where to go.

In 2008, I watched a celebrity proclaim that the election of Obama meant a new America. “No it won’t” I thought. So I don’t see either Warren or Sanders as any kind of messiah. True change will come when more people assume responsibilities in governance and learn how to work together.

I do see Mr. Trump as a buffoon, not really understanding the role he can or should play. The next populist leader (who could come from the left) will be watching this part of American history and learn from the Trump mistakes. Then those with the proper political affilation will have all sorts of rights while other affiliations have few rights.

USA really needs to get that alternative system of governance going. But I’m in an echo chamber of one. Zero influence, it seems.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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