Thank you very much. Yours has been the most positive response since I joined Medium in April 2019.

For some reason, my website has a little extra activity this week that I can't explain. Not much penetration, but something is directing traffic my way.

I have sent copies of "Diary of a Future Politician" to various organizations in the USA. At a $15 a copy for printing and postage, this is an expensive form of marketing for this lower-middle class family. I haven't seen tangible results. I'll have a bunch more go out after the election.

I get more Medium play by tagging on to a popular writers than my original articles. And there's not as much time invested.

I'm in the process of writing two sequels: "Confessions of a Future Politician" and "Circles of a Future Politician".

I've tried social media in the past. I don't grok these ways very well. Twitter just baffles me as to why anyone would want to spend time there. Ultimately this TDG needs to go viral--and that is not my decision to make.

Thanks for your interest. You might want to join my newsletter group.

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