Thanks for your encouragement. Nearly all municipal governments in Canada are non-partisan. And from my anecdotal experience, there is a lot less corruption and bonehead decisions coming from municipalities than provincially or federally. It seems strange that we can’t extrapolate the non-partisan nature to the higher levels.

Despite the drama of politics, there is a lot of progressive activity slowly being implemented that really isn’t getting much media attention. Some critics of my TDG believe that we need not change the system at all because progressivism has been on a slow uptake for many decades. I just think we could be doing progressivism a lot better if it were more in the open.

There are many volunteer organizations that may have rigid parliamentary rules in their bylaws, but are actually run quite organically. However, these organizations usually have trouble finding volunteers to fill their boards; seldom is there a big contest for these positions.

But there are big contests in provincial and federal elections. This competition is a detriment to good governance. It is time to sideline that human instinct for power and influence gathering — and put more emphasis on character, competence, and a spirit of service. To make the TDG work properly, we really need to change our thinking.

Unlike most other political contributors on Medium, my mission is not to build support for my ideas to get a “wise group of activists” to bend the will of elected politicians. Rather I am looking to find that 1% of the population who can start building this system.

Thanks again for responding.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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