Thanks Kayla

I went to the website, and it sounds interesting. It seems the technical writing profession has raised its standards. I just wonder if any of my former employers have raised theirs.

In my last days of being a TW, I was working with a platform called RoboHelp. I thought I was gaining some great experience with this software. I knew my bosses weren’t liking what I was doing and were setting to fire me after project was over. But with Robo-Help under my belt, I’m pretty sure I could find other work. And I could use this project in my portfolio. But I got sick before I could finish.

If I go the idratherbewriting direction, I think I will enjoy the challenge. There’s something quite intriguing about anticipating the reader’s issues — and writing to resolve them.

These days, I’m writing my first piece of fiction. I’ve been peddling my alternative democracy (no political parties or election campaigns) for 22 years. Last November, a fellow from a G+ political group recommended that I write a work of fiction to show how future politicians will work together. I was reluctant as fiction is not my forte. But I started thinking of characters and plot — and yes, a story started bouncing between my ears.

I started the first draft in early July. I’m just finishing it this week. It’s actually coming together a lot faster than my academic work.

When that novel is done, then I’ll check the API thing a little more seriously. For now, I have subscribed to their newsletter.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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