There is a good point to the impeachment hearing. In a very short time, Americans got enough evidence to convince them something very sinister has happened. Mr. Trump has had a month to explain what he was doing in those few hours of the insurrection. He did not offer any explanation. That says a lot.

If nothing else, the impeachment trial has opened up the box to put Mr. Trump in many, many civil and criminal courtrooms. Keep him occupied with legal proceedings and lawyer bills and he has less time to organize a coup.

Imagine the families of the people who died in the insurrection suing Mr. Trump for $10m each. And there were at least 100 injuries, some of them are bound to be life-long injuries. Put Mr. Trump on the stand to tell us that he was watching Bugs Bunny while all this was going on, so he didn't know.

And there is no longer any political downside for the D's or the civil service to withhold what they really want to do with Mr. Trump. Those who still claim "witchhunt" sound pretty silly to many Americans. While the Trump base still might cause a lot of trouble in the next year, they won't gain any more political ground.

And the best part is that Biden/Harris can focus on moving foward. Let the appropriate civil services deal with keeping Mr. Trump shackled to the courtrooms. Even a 50% success rate will bear fruit.

I think the impeachment hearing has done its job. But the story is not over.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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