There is a saying in politics. I’m not sure if it wise or not, but here it is:

There is no such thing as bad publicity if no one knows about you.

And unfortunately, I have seen a few people try to get known in political circles using bad publicity. I think of Mr. Trump . . . . .

Of course, when one gets a little famous, bad publicity is usually not very good. But when starting out, go for it.

Actually, I’m impressed that you have talked to me and read my book. The usual response is much less.

I have been quite active on internet forums for the two past years. I quit in February for lack of tangible results. But then I found Medium. It was something different and worth a try. But the results are the same.

A fellow from a Google+ group recommended that I write a novelette about people in the future TDG. Instead of an academic or technical nature, this novelette will explain the TDG on a more emotional level. I don’t think I have to be great writer in this genre, but my potential audience just may find the novelette approach more appealing. For sure, I have to promote the TDG differently.

I have a main character and all sorts of subplots in my mind. I need to get this done on paper and to my editor for suggestions. I estimate it will take a year to get the novelette ready. And I need to quit internet forums to work on the novelette. .

I will just put the novelette up for free on my website. As well, Amazon allows ebooks to be downloaded for free. People like free ebooks.

In case I never get any traction, I hope your bottom up approach bears fruit. But I suspect not.

I am not worried about Mr. Trump: he is being contained to limit the damage. But the next populist leader will be younger and smarter. That could be dangerous. We just might revert back to Orwell’s 85/13/2 society. And it will still be called a “democracy.”

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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