This is why a side hustle is so important if you have a pointless job (and if you want work to be a source of meaning in life). Since there are no motivating factors present at your day job, you must get those from somewhere else.

A few years back, a Canadian pollster sampled Canadians. Only 17% were satisfied with their current job. The other 83% would prefer to be doing something to earn a living. Our current occupation mileau really doesn’t provide the job satisfaction we so yearn for. So many of take on jobs mostly for the income.

So it terms of self-actualization, getting this side hustle is so important. We can’t depend on our occupations to do this for us.

A couple of months ago, I attended an event and one of the attractions was a local band doing cover music from the 50s and 60s. These guys were having a blast with their music. And music is where they get their satisfaction for life. They have probably long ago they are not good enough to make it to the big time in any way. Or maybe they didn’t want that big time lifesyle. But for a few hours a week, they can escape into their music. If they have pointless job, they have a creative outlet outside their work.

On another note, I couldn’t follow your drinking cup analogy. Maybe a second read would help. I found the term “hygiene” difficult to understand. I could not get teeth brushing, face washing, and hair combing out of my mind. So, from this reader’s perspective, some re-writing is in order. but I am seeing potential with these nifty illustrations.

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