This one paragraph really struck a chord with me:

Though it sounds strange to the average person, world-class drivers and their machines have an almost unbreakable bond. Harmonising with your car is a fundamental part of the job as a driver. Whoever masters this will attain a powerful advantage.

I think this goes for all machinery, not just Formula One cars. There are many workers can operate a bulldozer, truck, or winch to get a job done. But only a few can make that machine sing.

For three months, I drove a truck with a failing transmission. I didn’t realize that at the time (I was only 18) but I was able to get that truck in gear and up to highway speed with no problem. I just knew where the gears were. I went on days off. My replacement driver — and the other experience truckers could not get this truck out of the yard. So when I got back, my truck was getting a new transmission. No one could understand how I drove that truck for so long.

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