This particular article could have cut in half to get the points across, but you said you weren’t looking for perfection.

Regardless, you made some good points.

I have had several internet inventions. In the first invention, I spent about $70,000 and months of writing — to get absolutely nowhere. If optimism were only thing needed to success, I would be rich. But . . .

When I came to the conclusion I need to walk away from this invention, I had to ask myself: “Was it a waste of time and money?’ The answer was “yes”, but I sure had a lot of fun. And there was an upside — if it gained some acceptance, it would have gone big! There are lots of hobbies that will never provide that opportunity.

“But what did I learn?” I asked. Well, I could have created that business unit with about 25% of the cash and time — to find out it wasn’t going to work. Since then, my inventions have not broke the family bank account. I have fun — and yes all of them have an upside.

My time on Medium is coming to a close. It’s frustrating to spend those five hours or so to write a reasonable and get 30 people to read that article. And the few I have had contact with aren’t interested in my current invention.

It’s all about balance. Be creative, but also be responsible.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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