Tony Atkinson: I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel bad about using Umair in this way. But I do have a mission to save the world from itself — and Umair did put his work out there for critics to see.

And I thought my mission would be over by now, but editing my new political took a lot longer than I had planned. The novel will be going up on a Medium pub called “Politically Speaking” in the next two months. After that, I shall disappear from Medium.

Unfortunately, the Medium algorithms are not kind to me. When I post an original article, I get maybe 30 reads. I’m not bitter: the designers and inventors of Medium need to find a formula that helps them pay the bills and earn a little profit. They make the decisions of how the algorithms are going to work for them. And there are a lot of high quality writers on Medium, many of them getting less attention than I get.

You may not like my Umair posts. But I do get quite a few claps for those posts, and I believe I have built up half of my 500 fan base from Umair posts. So a handful of complaints vs. 250 fans! Which would you choose?

BTW, I don’t think those 500 fans ever see my posts in their feeds very much. That Medium algorithm thing again.

There was article a while back about how to get rich on Medium. Unfortunately I didn’t tag it and can’t seem to find it. But here are the advisor’s three main points:

  1. Write an article every day, even if it means repeating yourself.
  2. Do not respond to comments on your articles (that takes time from writing).
  3. Do not read and comment on other articles (that takes time from writing).

That strategy seems to be employed by Umair. I’ll let you put the pieces together why he does that.

I am critical for Umair’s lack of solution. Actually he has an interesting solution: Eudonomics. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. But his dystopia articles are what he puts on his daily serving platter. I’ll let you put the pieces together why he does that.

I am really trying to be creative in my promotion of my TDG. But after 23 years, I’m still an echo chamber of 1. I would like to change that 1 to 1%, and then I can quit bothering people on Medium and other forums. But I will probably quit in two or three months anyways.

So do you want Umair’s dystopia? If not, then you need to investigate other solutions.

Try this one:

Diary of a Future Politician: How an Average American Saves America

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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