Umair has gone off the rails again. It's a rather specious arguement to blame desegration for the decline. But when a writer must put out a daily article to adoring fans . . . . .

USA (and Canada) were spared the rebuilding of infrastructure following WW2. Their factories were much in demand, and workers could strike and get a wage increase. This was how the large middle class was born.

From my readings, wages and purchasing power started declining in 1980 (not 1970). At that time, other countries had caught up--and the American worker could not command big demands any more. If they did, factories moved to places with cheaper workers.

The post WW2 middle class was an aberration of history. We are just returning to the natural order.

This does not mean this natural order is good for us. We have seen a taste of what a strong middle class can bring for society. For example, I am a product of the "working poor" classes. My father was able to elevate the economics of his family and his kids have more opportunities than if the family had stayed at "working poor." I probably would not be writing on Medium had this family been kept its "proper place."

We should keep the middle class. But how? What solutions has Umair offered?

I have a possible solution. We need to change how we are governed. Here is a link to a 15-minute essay:

From there, you can find my book.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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