Umair has got all dystopic on us again.

I really don’t understand dystopic writers. If I truly thought that way, I would be spending my last sheckels on a tropical beach somewhere, enjoying my margaritas — before the authoritarian regime truly took over, confiscated my bank account, and deemed people like me should never sit on a tropical beach drinking margaritas.

Is America fixable?

I say a solid “yes”. But it can’t be fixed with western democracy at the helm. You see western democracy — especially the American version — has 12 limitations that prevent it from not falling into some kind of slide. There is no version of western democracy — with its political parties and noisy election campaigns — that can overcome any of these 12 limitations.

I offer an alternative version of democracy, one that can get rid of all 12 limitations. With that system, we will elect political leaders who have proven their capacity to work for the people.

“Let Dave fix things,” you might now be cheering me on.

“Sorry,” I say, “this new system requires you who recognize the system is broken to get out of the grandstands and into the playing field.”

“What?” you may ask.

“Yes,” I say, “You have been conditioned to participate from the sidelines. You need to get rid of that thinking.”

“What should we do?” you ask.

I say, “First you need to read a book. Second (if you like that book) talk to your social circle and neighbors about that book. Third work with your neighbors writing your local constitution.”

“We can’t do that,” you retort. “Maybe I will just continue to read Umair articles until we finally bend the will of the political parties who want to govern us.”

“Good luck with that,” I say.

Is America fixable?

It all depends on you, the Umair reader.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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