Umair won’t respond to me, but here is my challenge to Umair readers.

What Umair says in this article is mostly true. But what he fails to understand is that the unfairness he so accurately describes is not necessarily a fault of human nature but a fault of the institution of the political party.

To help make a better world, I spent six years in Canadian political party. I came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time. Political parties are not about bettering society, but about winning elections. Winning elections is the primary focus of the motivation of party. Anything else is a distant secondary motivation. I could not change that direction!

Regardless of party ideology, all parties are composed of overly ambitious individuals competing for status, influence, and power within the party. Not all find their way to the top, but there are ridges to occupy on the way to the top. This dysfunction spills into general governance, which later spills into general society.

We can continue to read Umair and write Umair-like articles. Maybe that will encourage a few people to vote in the “right way” in the next election or maybe hold a picket sign in the next protest on Saturday afternoon. But you know what, all those “bad” people Umair talks about want you to believe that you can change the world in this way. You do your little bit and they continue to do the big bits. Not a lot really changes, right?

If you want real change, we need to get rid of all political parties. I have devised a system of governance that does all of this. It will require 1% of the citizenry to spend a few hours a month to start building it.

If we don’t build it, you will still be reading Umair articles 20 years from now. Not much will change — I hope I’m not proven right in a couple of decades.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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