Unlike Weinmar Republic, there is a lot of opposition to the current administration — and people like Umair are not in jail. I don’t see that happening soon. Cracks are starting to appear in the R party. Even if the Senate acquits Mr. T and Mr. T wins 2020, he is likely to be lame duck president — and the House can initiate another impeachment trial to keep him that way. And if things go too far, enough Americans will hit streets in protest. If some die in street violence, that will make things worse for this administration.

What worries me is the next populist president. That fellow (or gal) could come from either party. He or she will be about 40 years old, with a vision of being in power for a few decades. Add in a little understanding of sociology and psychology and ability to gather capable people to apply those sciences to the masses — yeah, we can have an Orwellian world.

Umair seems to think that Elizabeth Warren is our savior. And maybe she is the best choice in lot the two parties have proffered for American to choose from. If she wins in 2020, she is likely to face a recession. Whether it is Trump induced or not, much of the masses will want to hang her for it. Does she have the political skills to manage this crisis? “Kind of hard to say,” I would say. A Warren election could lead to election of the true authoritarian.

Umair is ignoring me, so I appeal to Umair readers. We need a new system of governance, run by the people and for the people. Umair believes we can reform the current system just by our happy thoughts. I say we cannot reform the current system. And despite the platitudes, there was never a golden age in American democracy.

In 1787, the founding fathers wrote the American Constitution. Their fingerprints of racism, misogyny, and elitism are smudged all over this document.

In the same time period, the science of chemistry was evolving away from medieval alchemy to its building blocks known as atoms. In 1891, the atom was thought to consist of positive and negative charges, equally balancing each other. That helped explain chemistry better. In 1911, came the Rutherford model, which put the positive charges in the center and the negative charges flying around the center. That explained chemistry a lot better. Many more models of atomic structure have been introduced. When they explain things better, the old models are cast aside. We see this trend in so many fields of humanistic endeavor, except . . . .

. . . for how we govern ourselves. Americans just want to keep their 1787 invention well intact — despite the signs it is not working for us today.

Tiered Democratic Governance

How about it Umair readers?

Please don’t wait for the next populist leader.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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