We have indeed gone overboard. The better solution might have just been to allow 25% of the population to get sick with the “flu”, with most of them recovering.

But the general public cannot seem to make connections that there are ramifications after our first set of decisions. I have been in dialogue with another Medium contributor who is usually quite smart. But she seems to believe that what we are doing now is going to eradicate this disease. But I’m not getting that — even from mainstream media. We should be preparing for multiple waves. Few on the mainstream media seem to make the connection that social dislocation is likely — and more deaths will result from that.

The even better solution would have been catch this thing as soon as it was known to be something bigger than the average flu. But the Chinese government could not find the political fortitude to quarantine Wuhan in time. With that city under early lockdown and self-isolation, enough data could have been extracted for the rest of the world to use. In the end, there was no difference to the people of Wuhan.

Again, all this goes back to our current systems of government, they cannot handle these situations very well.

— -

On another note, my main motive for staying on Medium for so long has been to give a new angle to my marketing. I am just about finished my new book, which is fiction about average people putting together the TDG. It is a lighter and more entertaining read than my TDG book.

My Medium plan was to put the six chapters up on a Medium publication called “Politically Speaking”. This pub has a more artistic approach to politics, so I thought my fiction would be a good fit. While I have been putting my new articles under this pub to help keep its momentum, it seems to have lost readership in the past month. In other words, the pub is dying. If I put up my six chapters in Political Speaking, they will only be read by my meagre rankings with the Medium algorithms.

For whatever reason, the current editor assigned me as co-editor of the Politically Speaking. Not that I want the job, but maybe it might be a venue to “take over” this pub and turn it something better. Any thoughts?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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