Well, I'm going to politically incorrect here. But I think Sweden had the best response. Last time I checked, Sweden had 4,000 Covid deaths--or just 0.04% of its population. Covid-19 is not a "black plague" type of death where vast swaths of the population are going to expire--thereby changing the economy and social structure.

Today Canadian news media reported an interesting stat. 94% of Covid deaths in Canada were for people over 60 years old. Younger people seem to be recovering quite well. The Canadian workforce is not going to be decimated.

The preference for certain races is probably related more to conditions of poverty than racism. Poor people don't have as many life choices to handle Covid-19 (such as isolating a family member who contracts the disease). Wealthier people are more likely to be working at home, less likely to get infections. Poverty is affected by racism, but to connect Covid-19 directly to race means future solutions are not going to work well.

This Atlantic article is following the mass media band wagon, with no interesting insights.

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