Well thought out article.

But let me apoligize in advance for my self promotion here.

My first question to you would be: "Do you believe we could attain that new manifest destiny with our current political institutions?"

If yes, then you should read no further.

But if you have recognized that western democracy--especially the American version--is crumbling, than maybe the new manifest destiny would be to create a new kind of democracy. A kinder, wiser democray.

To make a long story short, I tried to save the world by paricipating in party politics in Canada. In 1992, I came to the conclusion that partisan politics is very dysfunctional--and there was little I could do to reform it.

But somehow I invented another system of governance, one without political parties and noisy election campaigns. It also calls for a new culture, which we must deliberately learn. I've been promoting this idea for 23 years.


In 2018, a fellow from a G+ political group suggested writing novel about this future democracy. Last April, I finished the novel.


What may be interesting to you is that Chapter 6 is about the role of Native Americans will play in the building of this new democracy.

And "Diary" is just the first in a series. This morning, I sent the first draft of Book 3 to my editor. This book is all about young native Americans building this new democracy in their own nation.

From the tone of your article, I think you might like either or both of these books. You are looking beyond removing a certain president from office as a great solution.

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