Well, you are certainly a different kind of Medium responder. This has been my best conservation on this forum.

I'm from Canada. I am 61 years old, and have an engineering degree from the University of Alberta. I had some strange professors, but I don't think they were spies.

In 1986, I decided my duty to save the world was to join a political party and bring my [superior] intellect into the political process. I actually had aspirations of being an elected official. But within a year of watching elected reprepentatives do their job, I decided the back rooms were better for me.

In one of your earlier responses, you mentioned how little we know about our elected representatives. I saw this as one of the primary flaws of western democracy--and started thinking about how to overcome it.

In 1992, I left politics, realizing that I wasn't making much of a difference. In 1997, I started putting the TDG together. 24 Years!

I come from a Slovak village in Canada. The farming was too hard for the English, so they convinced immigrants to "break the land." My grandfather came in 1936, hoping to make a fortune then return to his farm in Slovakia in ten years. It took 29 years for him to buy a ticket back.

Despite the Slovak heritage all around me, there was a push to teach the new generation only English. Only one Slovak family of my time resisted this trend. I spent one year in Slovakia teaching English. That's where I got to a practical level of fluency in Slovak. If I ever went back, I'm sure I could reach fluency in two months.

I have spent a few months working in Texas and California. I lived in the Czech Repubublic for a year. I have travelled to London, Israel, and Ukraine. I don't have a strong desire for more travelling.

I have studied Czech, Spanish, and Ukrainian a bit. And maybe I should say French as well.

Another flaw of western democracy is the effort elected reprentatives expend on "politics" and not on "governance." I was quite suprised that our Canadian officials seldom read, let alone study, the bills before they vote on them. They spend far more time pressing the flesh with the public and public base. Part of being a cabinet minister in Canada is the fundraising duties. Cabinet ministers can draw crowds to fund raisers were ordinary representatives cannot. But aren't cabinet ministers already too two busy?

The TDG takes all money out of the elections. When I hear of suggestions for "election finance reform," I have to chuckle because the TDG is the ultimate solution.

CNN these days is congratulating all those corporations abandoning the Trump family and the Republican Party. Maybe if these corporations hadn't donated in the first place . . . . .

And these corporations can get back into this game anytime, and most voters won't realize it.

Western democracy, especially the American version, is really screwed up. The sad part is democratic physicians don't understand the ailment, so whatever remedy they have is certain to fail.

If you had read Chapter 3, you will find that deliberately discouraging minority groups from the democratic process will be impossible in the TDG.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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