While well written, this essay does not understand the internal workings of a political party.

"More ethical people must heed the call to rise up in their own communities and take the positions of leadership our communities need. We the people are the ones who can invoke true change."

I more or less took up this call in 1986 when I believe my superior insights and ethics were needed in the political process. So I joined a political party and rose up the ranks as far as my occupation would allow.

Except the party was not about wise perspectives or ethics. It was about winning elections. My "talents" were not needed. If I wanted influence, I had to focus on winning elections.

The world has many great people who would do well in governance. Unfortunately they won't or can't bring these talents into politics. So that leaves the forum open to many second-raters, who don't seem to mind living in the sharktank of partisanship and ambition.

We must rid ourselves of the political party if we are to advance.

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