You are probably right about the marketing.

In a previous career, I was in the oilfield service business. When I wasn’t working in the oilfields, I was marketing to the decision makers. It was all a numbers game. Get 15 presentations, make 1 sale. Fortunately for my business, that 1 sale usually had a lot of repeat business. And sometimes it took three years between presentation and the sale. It was a lot of patient and thankless work.

I went through two boom-and-bust cycles. I didn’t have much to give after the last bust.

I have a unique opportunity to spend three hours a day with Medium (and I have to say that I enjoy most of the articles I read). That freedom might not be there next month. But for what I am doing, I should have got some positive feedback by now (I’ve been at this for 22 years). It’s getting time to move on.

Thanks for commenting.

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