You may be wiser than me in marketing. I spent about three hours a day on Medium for two months — and I got only two Medium people to my website and read a significant part of my book. Most business people will say my ROI is extremely low.

Let’s go back to your number 4000. I believe I am approaching your suggested statistical sample size. I haven’t seen much evidence of our busy, disinterested, misinformed citizenry really wanting to explore alternative systems of governance (other than the ones we have tried before).

Last year, a workplace situation had me partake in a rural mental health workshop, something is outside of my current job requirement. I saw a whole bunch of government agencies, professional associations, and non-profit groups coming together to solve a few problems. These are the people on the ground level trying to build a better world. Maybe these people will be the workers of the early TDG, not people who spend hours on the internet. But how do I market to the true movers-and-shakers of society?

Last year, the province of British Columbia conducted a referendum to implement a partial proportional representation in its legislature. Like all other provinces in Canada, this province uses the Westminster electoral system which hasn’t changed since 1867. But for some reason, BC gets some really lopsided legislatures with seats split between the parties not that reflective of the vote count. This is the third time BC has gone to such a referendum in 16 years — even the political parties want this change. But the people keep turning it down. And they have the gumption to complain about the next lopsided result. I don’t get it!

If we can’t make these trifling changes, then my TDG and your DG stands little chance.

I was just about to put this project on the shelf (again). But a fellow from a G+ group suggested writing a piece of fiction based on the future TDG. So I am writing a little story of the early TDG could start in the USA. It’s coming along quite well.

BTW, I just wrote a Medium article for your book review. The Medium algorithms don’t like me that much, so I haven’t posted any new story for a couple of months. Maybe this one will get some traction. I suspect not.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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